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     The booklet starts off with a self-guided tour, to get familiar with things generally.
     Menstruation is thoroughly explained--what happens with body, mind, viewpoints of self and others.
     A 2-page guide covers the external organs, illustrated on one page, explained in text on the facing page--
     And another 2-page guide after that does the same for the internal organs.
     The pelvic exam section explains the physical part of the examination, and offers suggestions on how to make it more comfortable.
proper care, and social role--are discussed.
     There's a little list of suggestions for good practices to keep a woman's reproductive system--and the woman in general--in good working order.
     And we end with a ''Help'' section: a directory of places with more information on keeping the female body as healthy as it should be.


An Owner's Manual

     Some women don't know how their own reproductive organs work. They're mostly inside the body, so it might be "out of sight, out of mind".
     These women might be in needless discomfort--even have a serious illness--without knowing what's wrong, or what to do.
     Here's a little booklet that can help. It explains simply how these parts of the body work, inside and outside.


Booklets To Order Contact Us About RAJ

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