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Why Not?

     HIV/AIDS is probably the worst thing about sex these days. Millions have already died, and millions more are going to die of this ghastly illness in the years to come. The first section tells exactly what this virus is, and how to avoid it.
     There are ''other'' sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) around, too; more STDs than any other infectious illnesses. This section contains a list of symptoms that need a medical checkup.
     Unwanted pregnancy is one very troublesome result of sex. It's not that hard to avoid, and this section tells how to avoid it.
     Not having sex at all--abstinence, or celibacy--avoids all sexual problems. It's discussed here.
     The next section is called "How Not to Have Sex", It's a list of simple, practical ways to... not have sex.
     There are ways to have sex and cut the risks of it way down. This section tells how.
     Methods of birth control are discussed.
     Pressure to have sex gets people in trouble. But there are ways to neutralize pressure. Here are some.
     Sexual violations--lies, persuasion, trickery, out-and-out rape--go on out there. This section combats them.
     And there's a "Help'' section for more information.


Because it can hurt you.

     It doesn't have to. But it can.
     Sex is everywhere. On the Internet. On TV. At the checkout stand at the grocery store. It's hard to get away from it.
     It's usually portrayed in a feel-good way--gorgeous young bodies, in very little clothing, having the time of their lives. With no bad things about it, ever.
     But there are bad things--some very bad--about sex. This booklet details what they are, and tells what to do about them.



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