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     Reasons for considering the procedure.
     Exactly what does the operation consist of?
     Advantages of vasectomy.
     Disadvantages of vasectomy.
How is vasectomy performed? "Regular" and "no-scalpel" vasectomy explained.
     What about cost? What cost includes. Insurance. Possible financial help.
     Recovery. What to do,
what not to do, and how long to do them.
     Can vasectomy fail? Yes.
But not often.
     What about complications and side effects? Things that can and do happen, and things that are supposed to happen but are a bunch of baloney.
     Can vasectomy be reversed?
     How to choose the surgeon. What both the surgeon and the man should know, and what should be done.
     Making the decision. This is a list of questions that need to be answered prior to the operation.
     What if you're having trouble deciding? Here's what to do.


Permanent Birth Control
for Men

     There's good news and bad news about vasectomy.
     Good news: it's permanent.
     Bad news: it's permanent.
     There are a good many other things about it--physical, medical, psychological, financial, sexual, and on and on--that need to be sorted out before the operation is performed.
     This leaflet is designed to help with that sorting out. It's brief. clear. and simple.



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