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Tubal Ligation

     Why would a woman consider having a tubal ligation? What would she want to think about?
     What is tubal ligation? How does it work?
     How is the operation performed? Here's exactly what is involved.
     Cost, failure rates, length of stay in the hospital, and recovery are covered.
     How dangerous is tubal ligation?
     Can tubal ligation be reversed? Making the decision. The factors in that decision, who's involved in making the decision, and a list of questions that need to be answered fully before any go-ahead for the operation is given.
     Choosing a surgeon after a woman has decided to have the operation. How to find a surgeon. What skills the surgeon should have.
The pros (few) and cons (many) of hysterectomy.
     Regrets about having a tubal ligation. Specifically how to avoid them.



Permanent Birth Control
for Women

     If a woman is ready--really ready--to stop having children; or if she is certain--really certain--that she will never want to have children, she might want to consider tubal ligation.
     Tubal ligation is an operation for women that results in permanent sterilization: no babies, for good, period.
It isn't something to be considered lightly. This leaflet is a guide to that consideration.


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