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Roses Have Thorns

     There's bad news and good news on STDs.
     The bad news is that more people get STDs than any other kinds of infectious diseases--15 million yearly.
     The good news is that STDs are easy to avoid, And avoiding them is what this booklet Is all about.
     It's small and simple--doesn't take forever to read, easily slips into a pocket or bag, and its title doesn't scream ''sexually transmitted diseases'' at the whole world.
     Information is the primary protection against any Illness.
The booklet offers brief but complete information on:
     Each STD--what it is, what it does, how to avoid infection, and what to do if infection occurs.
     Where to go for further information on STDs.
     How to have safer sex--specifically, not generally.
     Symptoms of a possible STD. A complete list.
     Checkups for sexually active people. When to get them, why to get them, and what to do if an STD symptom shows up. How to do self-exams.
     Barrier methods: good, cheap, reliable protection, if used correctly.
     Love and sex--and how they don't have to lead to a sexually transmitted disease.


How To Avoid Our Most
Prevalent Infections

     AIDS is the sexually transmitted disease (STD) that you hear about, because of the suffering it causes worldwide.
     But AIDS is only one STD out of many. 1 in 20 people get an STD every year.
     Here's a booklet that can help keep you from being one of those people



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