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     The first section explains the changes the female body goes through at puberty. It covers everything in detail, using informal language and plenty of encouragement.
     Next it's the emotions.
This part says It's normal to have very powerful, mixed-up feelings at puberty. It offers a girl suggestions for how to regard her feelings, and how to handle them when handling is needed.
     Then sex. Sex, after all, is what puberty's all about. A young woman who's maturing sexually needs to know about certain things--like STDs, like possible pregnancy--that come up at this time. This section tells her about them.
     Boys, and feelings about them. Positive or negative, they're going through the same things girls are.
     Friends are important during times of change, and puberty is such a time. There are good and bad things about groups of friends, and this section discusses them.
     Family, and family relations, are often more like battlegrounds when puberty enters the picture. Here are some suggestions for peace.
     And a few more suggestions, about avoiding things that are just plain bad.
     Then a "Help" section that lists sources of more information--on puberty and other things.


The Empowerment
Of The Change

     ''The talk'' in booklet format.
It tells a girl what she needs to know about her puberty.
     It fills her in about her body, her emotions, her friends, family, boys, sex. How to avoid bad things, and how to do things to make this time of her life happier and more fulfilling.
     Promoting self esteem and pride in being female, It's a handy little companion to have around When questions come up.


Booklets To Order Contact Us About RAJ

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