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     Body changes are usually the most noticeable thing about puberty, so they're treated first--what goes on and why it happens.
     Feelings are next. How they can be so crazy and still be perfectly normal. And precisely why. With emphasis on ''normal''
     Then the subject of sex.
This section is primarily about pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and masturbation--how to deal with all of them.
     "Girls," says the booklet, "are other human beings.'' And that is this section's essential message.
     Friends mean a great deal at puberty, when a boy's getting out on his own. This section explores the good and bad about friends--especially in groups.
     Family can be a problem at adolescence. But It doesn't have to be out-and-out war. This section has a few suggestions for making things easier around the house at a sensitive time.
     The ''Help'' section has a list of places to go to for more information on puberty.
     A boy's puberty is about becoming a man. The end section, called What's A Man?" is a short discussion about the different ways of being a man in today's world.


A Little Help
With Becoming A Man

     Here is ''the talk'' for boys, in a pocket-sized booklet they can read when it suits them.
     It doesn't try to minimize the problems a boy may encounter during puberty.
     But It does take an upbeat approach: telling an adolescent that the difficulties are usually problems, not tragedies. And that many, many boys have gone through the same thing, and have gotten to be men just fine.


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