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     There's a "Help" section right in front, with places to go for information on menopause.
     "What is Menopause?'' details the stages of menopause, what happens during those stages, and how to help the body through them.
     Physical signs of menopause--hot flashes , vaginal changes, insomnia, urinary difficulties, osteoporosis--are explained, and suggestions for help are offered.
     There's a thorough discussion of hormone replacement therapy.
     Diet can make a big difference during menopause, Suggestions for a good diet are given in this section.
     Exercise is a very good idea also, and this section talks about that.
     Sexuality changes with menopause, but not as much as the media would have us think. This section talks about "Use it or lose it.''
     Emotional issues that often come up at the time of menopause are covered, with suggestions for easing them.
     ''There are lots of places to go from here," says the final section. It mentions some of these places, and encourages a woman to discover others, during and after the menopausal time of her life.


A Brand-New Beginning

     Menopause is a natural stage in a woman's life--one that can be happy and fulfilling.
     It wasn't always thought of this way. In the past, women were regarded primarily as breeders of children. When childbirth was no longer an option, some women felt that their lives were over.
     In the world we live in, women are about far more than reducing children. This booklet is for them.


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