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     Each section of the booklet covers a method. There are lots of choices.
     There's a notice on each method's effectiveness against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
     There's the birth control pill, and the mini-pill.
     Emergency contraception is another choice. Not everywhere. Check first.
     There are the choices of the Patch and the Shot.
     There's permanent sterilization--vasectomy for men, tubal ligation for women.
     The male condom and the female condom--both good birth control and protection against STDs--are covered.
      There's abstinence--the best birth control and STD protection there is, if you can manage it.
     There's the IUD, and the
diaphragm, and the NuvaRing.
     There's foams, creams, jellies, tablets, suppositories, vaginal contraceptive film.
     There's natural family planning.
     There's the cervical cap and the Lea's Shield.
     There's a section on methods that don't work, just so you know.
     And there's a section on where to go for more information on birth control.
     You're bound to find a method that's right for you.


Choice = Freedom

     Today's women are freer than women have been, ever, in the world's history. In former times women had no choice at all about having children.
     With modern contraception women have assumed a modern freedom, by controlling their own reproductive lives.
     This booklet offers detailed methods of that freedom-- information on birth control.


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