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Why Not?

     The booklet follows no particular philosophical or religious agenda. It's a manual of detailed, practical information on avoiding the dangers of sex.
     Why not have sex? There are all sorts of reasons, and this section discusses them.
     The decision to abstain from sex can come from any art of a person's life. The Important thing is that it be that person's decision alone.
AIDS, and ''other'' STDs, are excellent reasons for avoiding sexual contact. This section discusses these illnesses, in detail.
     An unwanted pregnancy is something that is best avoided. Abstinence does just that.
     How not to have sex is covered. There are techniques to this, like anything else.
Pressure to have sex--from oneself, from the media, from other people-can cause a person to have sex when sex is not the thing to do. It's discussed here.
     ''Lines'' are often used to persuade people to have sex against their best interests.
     There are ways to get a person to have sex against their will. These are discussed.
     Rape, and how to avoid it, is considered in detail.
     And there's a list of places to go for help with avoiding sex.

Sexual Abstinence

Sometimes the Best Choice

     Abstaining completely from sexual activity can often make very good sense.
     There are many times and many situations where having sex will lead to nothing but trouble. Not having sex can mean not getting an STD, an unwanted pregnancy, emotional pain, financial difficulties.
     But sex is a basic human urge, and abstaining from it takes much more than ''Just say no" This booklet is about that.


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