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25 Years of Service to the Health Education Community

What does RAJ Publications do?

RAJ publishes booklets and leaflets on reproductive health.
They're small, simple! easy to read, and inexpensive.
They're written in a friendly, conversational style.
They help people stay healthy by providing information on sexual matters.

What are RAJ booklets about?

About sexual health, which is important to people's wellbeing.
Puberty, for girls and boys.
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Birth control methods.
Sexual abstinence.
The female reproductive system.
These issues are treated holistically--that is, the physical-medical part is discussed thoroughly, but so are other, equally important parts: How does the person feel about the issue? How are their relationships with others affected by it? How might their whole life be affected by how it's handled?

How do the booklets present their information?

Briefly, clearly, and to the point. The booklets are small, fitting easily into a pocket or bag, so the reader can take them along during their day and read them whenever and wherever they like.
They don't take long to read.
They cover their topics thoroughly, but briefly.
They're written in a conversational style--more like talking to another person than reading a medical manual.

How are the booklets used?

As informational handouts wherever such information is offered.
Parents give them to their children.
Health professionals give them to patients.
Libraries keep them in their pamphlet files.
Universities make them available in their health centers.
Schools use them in health classes.
RAJ materials have been used in just about every setting where people provide sexual health information to other people.

Who uses RAJ booklets?

A partial list would include physicians, health departments, hospitals, universities, schools, community health centers, clinics, churches, the military, HMOs, nursing services, women's groups and women's centers, HIV/AIDS programs, social workers, nurse practitioners, youth centers, businesses--and of course individuals, from many parts of the world, who want other people to have good protective health information.


Booklets To Order Contact Us About RAJ

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